Banking and Finance job: What is the job all about?

Banking and Finance job: What is the job all about? In other words. what is Banking and Finance job all about? This website, gives information on the recruitment, career development and sustenance of Banking and finance. Because the information we give here is all inclusive, is one stop website for your banking and finance recruitment, training, promotions, job description, scholarships and professional certificate exams. In fact, if these cover your professional interest, this site is for you and this post is a kickstart post for your desired career.

Banking and Finance Areas of activity:

This is a specialized area of banking service. This is usually covered by lawyers specialized in the banking and financial sector. It requires a good knowledge and experience in participation in some of the largest, most relevant and complex operations in the market. As a matter of fact, this section covers all legal and regulatory aspects of the sector. What’s commonly called the compliance section. In addition are overviews of the tax, labor, administrative, regulatory and competition aspects, among others. will ensure that this aspect of the banking and finance career updates re published regularly. You re encouraged right from this onset to bookmark this website for such updates.
Among the specialties in these areas, we can highlight are:

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These special personnel provide advice, both to credit institutions and to borrowers, in corporate lending operations. Others include financing of acquisitions (leveraged finance) and assets ( asset finance ). Then, in the secondary bond market, in the refinancing of companies in difficulty ( restructuring ) and in the financing of companies in difficulty or in the acquisition of their debt ( fresh money and distressed debt trading ). This sector also includes advice on structured finance and the use of derivatives.
You can agree with us that this is a specialized area of service for baking and finance. So, be assured that we’ll keep you up-dated on the career issues. These are such like recruitment, training, promotions and so on.


Project financing is another specialized area in banking and financing sector. So, there’re such professionals trained for this. They provide comprehensive assistance in financing projects in all areas. Especially in the field of public & energy infrastructures, as well as in structures that re privately owned.
Additionally, this group of staff also plan for collaboration with other financial entities and promoters in the preparation and execution of financing for international projects. These are both in the scope of public infrastructure, entrepreneurship etc.
One of the objectives of this content is to highlight to you the various activities in banking and financing. This is to equip you for career development and recruitment. So, please read on.

BANKING PRODUCTS – Banking and Finance job: What is the job all about?

These crop of banking and finance personnel specializes in retail banking, in factoring, leasing, renting, confirming, credit cards, mortgage and consumer credit, asset and raw material financing and international trade. It also advises on the provision of financial services at a distance. Did you get that?

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Furthermore, there are those others that specialized in advising in the financial-regulatory sphere. In particular, these specializes in the area of providing investment services and vehicles or investment funds. This is with emphasis on its cross-border advisory role. It also provides legal advisory services on the special regime of hedge funds, their management companies and depository entities and in the preparation of intermediation contracts, including prime brokerage.
Also, needed to be highlighted is the aspect of advising on the rules of conduct of entities. Subject to supervision and requirements at the level of solvency ratios; and, also, in aspects related to the system of administrative offenses, prevention and money laundering, consultations with supervisory entities and inspection or sanctioning procedures before the relevant regulatory agencies like Securities Market Commission or Central bank.

Banking and Finance job: What is the job all about?

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Summing up Banking and Finance job: What is the job all about?

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