Here are Govt and Private Sector Jobs Interview Preparation Tips

Here are Govt and Private Sector Jobs Interview Preparation Tips – AS you will soon find out, there are types of interviews. Some are Structured interview while others are unstructured. So, are you preparing for any of such job interviews? And, perhaps, it has caused you some nervousness. Don’t worry, here are interview tips that talk about yourself. In fact, these accompany interview questions and answers.

Job Interview as Challenges:

As a matter of fact, in our recently concluded labor empowerment seminar held in Abuja, Nigeria, the challenges of scaling through job interviews were a major point for discussion. We realized that many unemployed youths are scared for job interviews. This is one thing that has engendered Godfatherism and nepotism in the society nowadays. And, since this is now a challenge, we hereby present the following solutions as Interview Preparation Tips.

Interview Preparation Tips for Govt and Private Sector Jobs :

Job interview preparatory tips are very essentials to get jobs in Govt or Private or Semi-Govt Sectors. In this regard, there are job interviews for Banking and finance Jobs, the private sector in both domestic and international organizations. There are also interviews for Schools, Colleges etc. In fact, interviews in oil and gas industry are always very exciting. You need to get very ready for these interviews, and that’s why we have here solutions as tips for interview preparations. So, lets go on to the first point.

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You must know the nature of the Interview:

Firstly, you must be clear what type of interview you are going to face.  This is because regular job interviews are different from contract job interviews.  Again, get certain that government job interviews are different from Private Sector job interviews. That is why the interviewers ask questions as per the nature of the job. In this connection, depending on the level of assignment, you have to check the role of language especially English in that job. This is especially important if you have to interact with the people in English. The same apply for any other language relevant to your job.  In fact, you have to prepare questions as per the requirement of the organization.

Have fluency  or mastery of the relevant language:

I have mentioned this in the last paragraph. So, find out what language is relevant to the organization. That will help you prepare for the interview questions. I had ones witnessed a situation where an interviewee was just employed because he could peak the language of the employer. There reason was that, no matter what, they will not have problem in communicating with him. In fact, the employee’s first assignment was to mediate for other interviewee going forward.

That tells you the power of language n job places. So, try you best to work on having good fluency over the language of Interview. To keep your language flouncing make a lot of use of it every time before, during and after interview. In this case, speak with your friends, relatives, known and unknown in the language.

Get Ready with expected Questions

There is nothing that is not available in the net these days. Search this site for relevant issues. You will find them. Search other sites too. Ask questions etc. That is how to get expected questions. More so, where there are past questions, search for them and get them to study.

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As a matter of fact, there are some expected questions that are always there in every interview. Find out those questions. I once interviewed someone who came for a job interview and does not know the name nor the address of the office he is coming for interview. I know you know that the result for such a person will be before he gets there. So, my dear, do some homework now.

To get ready the more – Introduce yourself:

What about your name and town? I know a lot of cities born boys and girls who do not know their local government of origin. If you are done with this, can you do some work on the organization which you wish to join. Can you ask yourself question questions like; why do I wish to make this switch? and so on.

The fact is that if you spend time to prepare these questions yourself or with your friends, you may find one or two questions out of your list of expected questions.

Simulation of the Interview situation:

In fact, do it the way lawyers simulate court room situations. This will enable you lessen the pressure of facing the interview or the interviewers. Make use of your friends in simulating the Interview situation. You could ask them to prepare some job peculiarity relevant to shoot on you. And for you, to your best to answer those questions with confidence. This will help you a lot.

Read Newspaper for current affairs;

As a matter of fact, most government interviews centre on current affairs. They would want to know if you are conversant with happening around the government work system.  It could also be a way of knowing your political inclinations. So, you really need to work hard here and wisely too.

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In fact, always have some National Level Newspapers and read at least four or five columns of sports, business, main news etc. These will help you.

Read Relevant books and news journals:

This is for vocabulary and knowledge of the things going on in certain segment of the country and the world.

In fact, certain disciplines would require knowledge updates. These types would require you visiting some relevant books to make up your current knowledge.

Do you see that these are relevant solutions to your interview preparation panic challenges?  Let’s go further.

Listen to some relevant Programs:

These could be radio or television programs. I wonder if you will be preparing for oil & gas job interview without showing interest the NNPC or Oil & Gas programs in the radio or television. What about the FIRS – Tax Matters in the Television and radios? The ideas passed on these are always current and relevant to such job interviews.

Do you know that listening to some Programs such as News, Debates, Sermons could help your listening deficiency? In fact, watching movies will improve your listening skills and pronunciation of the words.

Now, let’s see this last one.

Having confidence in yourself:

Be optimistic my dear! Why must you put all these preparations in place and yet don’t have confidence in yourself? 

Please, have confidence in yourself. Otherwise, you could lose the battle before embarking on it.

Here are Govt and Private Sector Jobs Interview Preparation Tips


Summing Up: Here are Govt and Private Sector Jobs Interview Preparation Tips

These are well researched Interview Preparation Tips. They are here as solutions to your interview preparation challenges. If there are still more to do for you do not hesitate in sending in your comments through our comment box below. You can also bookmark this page for regular visit and sharing to your friends. And, if you follow us on our social media buttons, Facebook in particular, you will gain much more in other related topics covered n this site. Good luck!

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