How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria

How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria – In fact, here are top 20 highest paying jobs in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, this post shows the list of career choices indicating the highest paying entry-level jobs in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, considering the present economic realities, wishes to bring to you the highest paying jobs in Nigeria and their salaries. This is presented here as  a solution for those looking for jobs. The comparative analysis presented by this article tends to tutor applicants on what jobs they should go for. It also highlights what academic career and efforts students and young graduates should pursue. Another step before the list – next subtopic.

Best Paying Companies:

This is part of efforts to aid you find a suitable job for yourself. This is born out of our intensive research activities.

  • MTN Group
  • ExxonMobil
  • TotalEnergy
  • Mobil Producing Nigeria

Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria. 

Here we are with them now. We believe that the background work done in the paragraphs above will help you understand the comparative analysis presented here, so as to make good career choices.

  • Aeronautical Engineer

Here are the career prospects.  Nigeria’s aviation industry is booming since the deregulation and privatization policy. And that is the reason for the high demand for talented aeronautical engineers.

For the roles involved, the skills required are extensive, and specialized training is a must.

Top companies hiring include the Nigerian Air-force, Flying Doctors, Lextorah LDS. The Salary range is NGN 2,000,000 to 3,000,000.

Now, grab an Aeronautical Engineering Jobs in Nigeria on; Click here.

  • Banking Associate

The career prospects are here.  Entry level jobs require relevant first degree. So, accessible opportunities in Nigeria into banking jobs are ideal roles for recent graduates looking to start their banking careers.

Top hiring banks  include Zenith Bank, Enadama Group, First Bank of Nigeria, etc. Salary ranges from NGN 1,000,000  to  4,000,000 per month. You can browse for Banking Associate Jobs in Nigeria on

How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria

  • Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support Specialist career prospects is worth noting. This is because it’s a professional service that requires great intelligence. Do you know that he is responsible for resolving customer issues and complaints? And, therefore, must possess a strong amount of analytical and communication skills. This  person in fact, must be dedicated to his roles. You require a first degree to do well in this position. Again, this work is rewarding and there are countless roles waiting to be filled in 2022/23.  His salary ranges from NGN 500,000  to 800,000

The following companies are hiring.  NextPayDay, Pegasus Hub, Negio Enterprises So, click here for the jobs.

  • Petroleum Engineer

Nigeria is an oil and gas producing country. So the career prospects for any petroleum engineer is very high. This is why one of the most in-demand opportunities in the engineering profession is petroleum experts like this.

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Petroleum engineers are responsible for researching and developing methods of crude oil extraction. These professionals command good salaries.  Salary ranges from  NGN 15,000,000  to  25,000,000.

Top companies hiring are Accrete Petroleum, Lextorah LDS, Lambert Holding. Click here to browse for  Petroleum Engineer Jobs in Nigeria.

How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria

  • Solicitor:

Solicitors are barristers, advocates and attorneys. And because life goes on and legal matters have to be settled, their career prospects is one of the highest. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of opportunities for young Law graduates all the time.

As  matter of fact, as I stated above life goes on. So, the versatility of this profession promotes it  and make jobs available for them. Check out that you can pursue a law career in politics, government, criminology  etc. In fact many private practitioners are even consultants. These are reasons why they earn big. So, in  Nigeria they can earn as much as between  NGN 2,000,000  to  3,000,000.

 Browse here for Solicitor Jobs in Nigeria. Top recruiters include Fosad Consulting, Aimart Realty, ThinkAxis

How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria


These are actually recommended for you to broaden your knowledge on this subject matter. Click to read.

  • Software Engineer

The society is going digital in everything. This is why the career prospects of a software engineer is going wild. In fact, the Universal demand for software engineers has grown consistently since the early 21st century. And, it’s still growing with everyday  findings.

As a matter of fact, Software engineer jobs  are typically  flexible in  schedules and has large opportunities for advancement. Today they are among the best remunerated in Nigeria. Their salary ranges NGN1,500,000 and upwards.  You can browse here for Software Engineer Jobs in Nigeria. Top hiring  companies include Fairmoney, Smartflow Technologies, Pangaea.

  • Front End Web Developer:

These are Tech-savvy professionals with strong software and computer skills.  They are consistently valued and will likely continue to be popular and sought-after position in this decade. This defines their career prospects.

In fact, the demand for web developer jobs in Nigeria has been steadily growing over the past few years. And with the global economic trend this profession will remain popular.  

As a matter of fact, their salary range continues to grow from an average of NGN 1,000,000 to 1,200,000 and above.

If you want this job, top hiring companies include. New Horizons Nigeria, Venture Garden Group, Edge Recruiter Nigeria

You can click here for more information on recruitment.

How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria

  • Translator

When economic activities cuts across foreign languages, a translator is required. So, the career prospects is high as international relations grow from time to time.

That is why they are needed in industries where international business connections are established and nurtured. They are also needed  for candidates looking to enter government-based work. So,  translator’s  roles remain very much in high demand throughout Nigeria.

They are paid handsomely for this. Salary ranges NGN 1,000,000  and above.  And, to recruiters include; Skooleeo Technology, DY+ Language Solutions, Covoco.  You can click here for more information on available  Translator Jobs in Nigeria.

  • Plastic Surgeon
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This is a well paid profession. As a matter of fact, the current boom in surgeon jobs throughout Nigeria in the last few years accounts for this. And that shows that the career prospects are high in Nigeria now.

These surgeon jobs are very popular in the private sector. This profession requires extensive training within this specialization and years of experience count.

Again,  top hiring companies include; Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Alex Ekwueme University Teaching Hospital. And salary ranges NGN 5,000,000  to 8,000,000.

You can browse here for more information on Plastic Surgeon Jobs in Nigeria.

How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria

  • Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing manager is what the digital world needs. As a matter of fact,  entry-level marketing jobs in major cities in Nigeria commands good salary. That is how healthy the professional prospect is in Nigeria.

The digital marketing manager must possess the ability to lead a solid team of forward-thinking business. He must be able to creative coordinators using results-driven marketing skills to increase sales

Top recruiters include BBOXX, SC Johnson, Equinox. And salaries range from NGN 5,000,000 to 10,000,000

You can click here to check on Digital Marketing Manager Jobs in Nigeria.

  • SEO Specialist

Who is this SEO Specialist? There has been a surge in online businesses since the COVID-19 pandemic. Think of the social media and the awareness in blogging in the recent times. This has promoted the need for the roles of  SEO and content marketing managers globally, and Nigeria is no exception.   This is why the career prospects of an SEO Specialist is very high today.

Are you  SEO Specialist wanting to be employed? Look; here are the top hiring organizations;  FunkTrunk, Digital Marketing Skill Institute, MacTay Consulting. And salary ranges  NGN 1,000,000 to  2,000,000

You can browse here for SEO Specialist Jobs in Nigeria.

How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria

  • College Lecturer

These are our university teachers. The profession is one of those with high prospect in Nigeria. One of the reasons is that they can be hired at a national, state – government-run college or educational institution.

Do you need this job? Then check out on the top hiring organizations such as Skooleeo Technology, University of Ibadan, Edo, UNILAG, etc. In fact, salary ranges NGN 1,000,000  to 1,500,000

Click here to browse for more job offering details. 

  • Pharmaceutical Technician

Do you know that pharmaceutical technicians are in high demand in Nigeria? Check out for this. In fact, this has become a  versatile career opportunity in an equally important industry in Nigeria. This is most likely due to increased strain on healthcare worldwide. You can choose to work in government, education or private healthcare. All pay good money with  salary ranging NGN 350,000 to 800,000.

As a matter of fact, the top hiring companies include Marie Stopes Nigeria, Wellness Healthcare Ltd., Consulate General Lagos

You may wish to click here for Pharmaceutical Technician Jobs in Nigeria.

  • Business Manager

This professional must possess the ability to drive sales/turnover. He must possess the ability to effectively communicate with clients. These are the hallmarks of a business developer and manager.  

In the present Nigeria saturated with buying and selling – distributive businesses this position becomes popular and sought-after. This defines the career prospect of a Business Manager.

If you are interested in this position, check out the following top recruiters; ApplyBoard, PNGME, Co-Creation Hub. Salaries are good from  NGN 2,000,000  to  3,000,000. You can browse here for Business Manager Jobs in Nigeria.

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How to Apply for the Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria: 20 Professions in High Demand in Nigeria

  • Stage Performer

Career prospects:

This is again known as Mass media performance jobs in Nigeria. They are very popular and rewarding.  The stage performing roles include singing, dancing or background acting and so. In fact, these are popular in demand and attract good pay.   Salaries range from NGN 100,000 to  1,000,000  – depending on type of role.

You can get at the top hiring companies ; PrepClass, Number 9 Films, Golden Effects Pictures.  Click here for more information.

  • Healthcare Assistant

These are medical professionals of all brand. Therefore, any one who can render a healthcare service qualifies here.  Did you get to know that many hospitals in Nigeria were found short-staffed during 2020 COVID-19 pandemic?  Now, you can understand the career prospect of these professionals.

Do you also need to be told that this career is highly rewarded in Nigeria? Look at the salary range from NGN 150,000  and above. 

The top hiring companies include; Wellness Healthcare Ltd., ANADACH Group, Consulate General Lagos. You may wish to browse here for Healthcare Assistant Jobs in Nigeria.

Financial Accountant

Career prospects:

Since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic there is a global market shifts. Many financial companies are restructuring their activities to tackle the business turnarounds. As a matter of fact, this is creating more jobs for financial accountant.

However, this career requires professional accreditations to belong. Notwithstanding, candidates with number-crunching skills who can fill in the recruitment gaps should take note of this. 

And, top recruiting companies include; Certa Support, Evans Industries, Union Capital Markets. And salaries range from NGN 2,000,000  to 3,000,000. You may wish to browse here for Financial Accountant Jobs in Nigeria.

  • Data Analyst

Career prospects:

With high dexterity in computer science, math skills, and date data analysts in Nigeria earn great money for uncovering answers to questions that help major organizations deliver objective informed decisions on their business operations.

Now, get at the top companies hiring in Nigeria like ENGIE Energy Access, Proten International, Reliance Health. The salary range is NGN 1,000,000  to 1,400,000. You can browse here for more job-related information.

Content Creator

The 2020 COVID-19 lockdown created a new business style globally. Nigeria inclusive. So a lot of people  were stuck at home in 2020. Then, came of these  content creators  who took to social media in unprecedented numbers to try to engage with users. This trend is on now and waxing stronger.

As a matter of fact, content creators are typically performers, editors and writers who have extensive SEO experience. In fact, many of them happen to be very sought after based on a particular point of interest.

Therefore, whether you are creating shoppable videos on TikTok and YouTube or  posting valuable live streams on Instagram, this is rewarding. Others are  hosting  own podcast. So,  if you can attract an audience who are encouraged to engage with you, you can make good money.

Yet, top hiring  companies here include; The Lekki Gift Company, WorQulture, TalentSquare etc. Salaries ranges from NGN 700,000  to 1,000,000. You may wish to click here for Content Creator Jobs in Nigeria.

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager learnt a lot of human management skills. He contributes to  his company’s entire administrative structure. His roles include personnel recruitment, interviewing, hiring, training, and management.

In fact, because this is a specialized industry-related professional skill, he is also well-paid. Salary ranges NGN 1,200,000  to  2,00,000. And, top recruiting companies include;  Jumia, Denna Rossi Ltd., Four Quarters Consultants. Get more by clicking here.

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