How to Be a Successful Banker: This is how

How to Be a Successful Banker: This is how – A Banker is a financial adviser to clients. These financial advices help clients make savings, investments, loans, and securities decision. Therefore, the banker helps customers open up various types of bank accounts. He/she also help clients maintain their accounts and resolve disputes, such as debit and credit issues. In doing these he/she may refer customers to loan officers or other financial specialists.
Recently, I ran into a group of young persons who came for a capacity building seminar in town. Suddenly an argument ensued on how one can become a banker and succeed in it. So, afterwards, I got into researching on how to become a banker and succeed in it. Here are my findings and it’s meant to educate persons who want to make a career in banking.

Banker Job Description:

As a banker, your main job is to give financial advice to clients. These are mainly on matters related to savings, investments, loans, and securities. Your knowledge and advice help customers solve their financial problems. In any case some of your duties and responsibilities include:

  • You must have full knowledge of the products and services offered by your bank, Special areas include those for mortgages, loans, current and savings accounts. Others are for money market accounts, Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), and bonds.
  • In addition is collation of information from both new and existing clients
  • Identifying and advising prospective customers about products and services that best suit their needs.
  • You will also be opening bank accounts for new and existing customers. Additionally, manage transactions, and close accounts when necessary.
  • Furthermore, is in building relationships with current and prospective clients for your bank goodwill..
  • You will also be involved in resolving clients’ issues. That will include performing administrative tasks such as documenting their information, and other related duties

Skills Requirement On How to Be a Successful Banker: This is how

For you to be a good banker you must possess excellent communication skills. This must be accompanied with a robust knowledge of banking products and processes. As a matter of fact, the following skills and qualifications are the benchmark for a banker, especially in Africa.

  • Good understanding of banking and financial system
  • Ability to proffer banking and financial solutions
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in numerical skills and working of banking system software
  • Good understanding of regulations in banking operations
  • Good knowledge of best practices regarding personal, commercial, or business banking
  • Ability in spotting opportunities for sales referral
  • Best of customer-focused problem-solving approach
  • Meticulous attention to detail

Experience requirements:

  1. Entry-level Bankers are expected to have at least two years of post-graduation experience. Other post-graduation working experience could be an advantage.
  2. Banking work experience are for those with sales and customer service experience.
  3. For senior positions,  you have to have at least five years of relevant experience with  strong problem-solving and customer service skills.

Education and training requirements:

Graduates in financial-related fields are always preferred. However, a minimum requirement of high school diploma is required. At all time, if you have a degree in a field relevant to finance, you will have advantage. Recently, the demand for law graduates in the banking sector is on the high side.

Furthermore, pre-placement trainings re also organized to prepare candidates on issues relating to the bank’s products and services.

In addition, for a commercial banking role, candidates with experience in a commercial banking environment re preferred. Such candidates are usually those with an MBA or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification. Other professionals like Chartered Accountants and Tax professionals re also preferred.

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How to Be a Successful Banker: This is how

Summing Up on How to Be a Successful Banker: This is how

In this post, I have been able to bring to your knowledge all you require to be a banker, especially in Nigeria. There is need to have good passion to wok in the bank these days. Aga is also a factor. Banks now prefer younger graduates who can endear working for a longer time. These are in addition to your academic and personal emotional intelligence.

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