How to gain admission abroad in 12 steps

How to gain admission abroad in 12 steps – These are steps on how to apply to study abroad at foreign universities from Nigeria. They also portray what are the requirements to study abroad with scholarship.

Do you know that scholarship opportunities for international students requires guidance and counselling? This is relevant for regular on campus and online international schools. Here are 12 steps you must take to gain and secure your admission abroad.

12 steps to gain admission abroad:

  1. Why do you want to study abroad?
    This is the first issue you must resolve. So consider why you want to study aboard. This is because there could be more reasons attached to your desire to study abroad. Therefore, if you desire a foreign certificate then think of where you can get it cheaply. Again, if your desire is for where to study and work at the same time, then check out which country is good at that.
  2. Choose a program: Having decided to study abroad, you now have to decide where you want to study and at which level and area of study. Think about your academic background to qualify for admission in this particular course and country. You also have to think about your career prospects and specialization. Then, choose a program that’s aligned with your goals in a university that is highly ranked on this.
  3. Study the requirements and deadlines carefully: In choosing a program in a school abroad means you have to find out both the course and school requirements. You can always get more information from the relevant school. For more information on your nationality being accepted for student visas in the country, you can also try visiting official government websites nd study councils. You have to In addition to all of these pay attention to the deadlines. There is no point finding information on a program hat is already closed.
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More points of the 12 steps

  1. Write a motivation letter
    A motivation letter also called cover letter is one that shows your ability to perform well at the institution. Such letter will include an evaluation of your skills, as well as your accomplishments. As a matter of fact, certain schools for certain fields of study requires this motivation letter. So write it expressing your interest in studying at the university in a clean and a well-structured motivation letter.
  2. You may need a recommendation letter:
    This is true; some Universities for some program admissions sometimes require one or several recommendation letters from a teacher. So, for such institutions, you have to obtain a recommendation letter from your lecturer(s) that you had a good relationship with while at school.
  3. Get prepared for the TOEFL or IELTS test
    This is an English language test for those whose first language is not English. You require timeline for booking for your test. Remember that depending on your English language proficiency and ability to use the English language, you required hard work to achieve this. In fact, the score that the university requires will determine what time you need to study and get prepared for the test.
  4. Authenticate your translated documents: This is essential if you are applying to study a program taught in English abroad. So, you have to translate and authenticate your certificates by a competent authority.
  5. Online application platforms: Online application platforms are the in thing now. And that makes it easier for students to apply for academic programs. So, sending the documents electronically instead of post office is preferred by most schools. And in fact, students see it as faster and usually less expensive or free than the post.
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Admission abroad in 12 steps

More steps to gaining admission abroad:

  1. Register for the entrance exam
    At this time register for whatever entrance or admission exams required. And check to confirm the date and place of the exam. Many such tests are now online too. So, you then need to register for the test in advance and if required, make a plan for your travel abroad. It’s also imperative that you know what to expect on test day. You can prepare by taking a look at a sample test.
  2. The admission interview:
    This may be the last stage in this process. As a matter of fact, some schools like the University of Oxford and certain elite programs conduct interviews. They do this to find which candidates are more qualified to get into the school. And, normally, the interview starts with why you want to study in this school or program; your background and plans for the future. Our advise is that you have to take time to practice for the interview. So, build confident on yourself and don’t let the formal setting stress you out.

More How to gain admission abroad in 12 steps

  1. Visa appointment:
    The next thing is to schedule your visa appointment. On the other hand, to be eligible for a student visa, your school nd program should have been accredited by the government of the resident country. In most cases, this interview comes after you receive a letter of acceptance and get admitted at the school. However, student visa can be a long and complicated process depending on the country’s regulations and number of applicants. This is why you must schedule for your visa interview as soon as possible. For this application, ensure that your bank statement, the application form, the receipt of payment for your application and university tuition fee, your passport, medical and background information are ready and handy.
  2. The costs:
    Ascertaining how much is required for this program is important. You cost estimates must include those for school’s entrance exam, translating documents, booking the English language test, tuition fees, and visa application fees. But don’t let this disturb you. Many students study internationally on a budget, but you have to make a plan for the likely costs so that you can budget appropriately.
How to gain admission abroad in 12 steps

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How to gain admission abroad in 12 steps

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