How to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience

How to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience.  This is the thrust of this article. In fact, getting visa for your studies, tourism, business  trips and professional conferences are covered. Then, there are articulated processes highlighted here on how to get a job abroad before moving out. Yet, there is the other thing; getting this job without any cognate experience.

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How to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience.

Why this Article?

The motivation for writing this article is born out of broad objective of searching out for recruitment gaps and highlighting them to those who need them. Therefore our articles address issues relating to professional careers, industrial and economic challenges.  We also address issues that concern academic and international students’ challenges. Therefore, matters such as scholarship, visa procurement, travels and tours and international students matters are dealt with.

As a matter of fact, as you read along this post, begin to note down your particular challenges and work on this page to get a solution. And, if you need help,  click here.

This article will answer four pertinent questions:

  • How to get your travel visa and what type
  • And, how do you get a job abroad, especially if you are from an African country?
  • Then, how do you get this job abroad before moving to your destination country?
  • And, lastly, how do you land a job abroad without experience?

Answers & Solutions to Questions:

If you are interested in how to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience, we will now take you through all the process and reveal the secrets.

Steps to achieve this:

As a matter of fact, from our research there are two steps to achieve this. And these we will explain below.

  1. Possession of  necessary skills in demand
  2. Necessary application.

Step one is getting  the needed  skills  abroad.

If you understand that you are now to face global employment completion, you will know that possessing the required skills is essential.

As a matter of fact, here also are some of the skills greatly in need in the western world today. These skills include: just click to get details.

  • Social media and digital marketing among other marketing skills
  • Medical practitioners including doctors and nurses.
  • Graphics designer and photography illustration
  • Frontend and backend software developers.
  • Handy craft men like carpenters and plumbers are scares in developed countries
  • Automobile repairs and engineering among others.

As a matter of fact, our research shows that these skills will set you apart among your competitors.  Remember that you have to prove that you are able to offer something in return for payment. That is why we advise that you get ready a skill before you move abroad.  Then, get the skills certifications too. For example, a trade test will mean so much here.  Certainly,  that will give you more advantage  and ability to negotiate  for higher prices.

Step two is  applications for the jobs.

Here are two methods;

  • Direct applications to the company or through job sites from Nigeria.
  • Secure a tourist visa through here so that you begin to apply on arrival in your destination country.

But on any of the two methods above, you have to note the cost. So whether traveling as a student or tourist consider the cost implication. However, getting access to the right knowledge will make all the difference. Click here for more information.

Here are some of the tips  on how  to get a job abroad from Nigeria before moving abroad.


Networking or contacting  key professionals in your potential field is important. So, get networking online. In fact, you can try searching on LinkedIn and websites  that write about your field. In addition, try to connect with some of the top names in your industry of choice, and build a relationship over time.

Do you know that this is the time to rely on your old network of friends, alumni bodies, etc?  Why not visit job fairs and immigration exhibitions, making  friends with citizens of your intending country.

Will this take your time? Then start early, even today  using our page search buttons to search whatever you need.

How to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience.


Language is a communication tool. So, before looking  for opportunities abroad, learn their language as the first thing. We have some now preparing but learning German language to get ready.

The knowledge of  the language of your intended country with professional and working proficiency helps the process move faster. In fact,  knowledge of the local language will make a valuable contribution to your CV. As a matter of fact, a multilingual person is needed for international relations even as a translator.

Your International passport:

You must not be applying for  jobs abroad without getting the necessary documents ready.  Your international passport is one of the essential documents that must be handy at start. In fact, the absence of this can greatly affect your ability to secure the job. So, you should start the process of getting your international passport if you don’t have one ready.

International transfer:

Another approach is to secure for international transfers from your company. This is common with multinational companies. Staff can be transferred  to other countries for this purpose. 

Localize your CV:

Every country has a standard  CV platform. For example, if  US is your destination,  you would need a resume, not a CV.  In fact, there could be need to writing  your CV in the language of the country you want to move to.

Remember to observe spelling and grammar rules. Also, you must be  original and truthful in your qualifications and experience. Again, always attach a cover letter explaining why you should be hired and why you want to move to another country.

How to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience.

How to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience.

Education and work experience:

Education qualification and work experience matters in jobs abroad. This is because, if not for an internship position, most companies abroad will instead recruit from their locality  instead of bringing  in an expatriate with little experience.

As a matter of fact, you have to take some steps here. One of the steps is to see how you can work in Multinational companies in Nigeria, even if on an internship basis. That will help you build a global expertise.  In addition, is also  possessing a postgraduate degree or a professional qualification/skill. These are to put you ahead of the pack. Remember that we have enumerated most  of the skills  in high demand  in earlier paragraphs. 

Research your country of destination:

Furthermore, the question is,  which particular country abroad.  In deed you really have to research on your intended country of destination. That means you have to read up everything about the country. The things to find out include their Immigration policies, tax laws and healthcare . Find out also about their  crime rate, cost of living, political system, employment rights, the standard of human rights, etc.

Look, getting at this information is very important. This is because their knowledge will save you a lot of dangers and unforeseen happenings.

Furthermore, here are some of the most  conducive countries for Nigerians:

  • Unites States of America – USA
  • Canada
  • United Arab Emirate – UAE
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Ireland.


Now that you need to get more information, click any of the following.

Competitive cities to avoid:

Some times competitive cities may pay, but in most cases you don’t. The advise is that you target countries with  shortage of your acquired skills and qualification.

As a matter of fact, cities like New York, Paris, and London are examples  of highly competitive  cities. In these cities the job market is tough.  The fact, then is that getting jobs here may not be easy. So, why struggle for their jobs if you know you may not get one. Therefore,  look for countries where skilled labor is in high demand. Look for countries  with flexible immigration laws.  There is the other side of this sub-topic in the next paragraph. So, let’s go.

Narrow your search:

If you are now done with your city search, you can now turn to economy search. This is because it’s the economy that will keep you in the land. So, check out what industries that are in the city you want to visit.

And, now ask; do the industries need your skills. Are they large or small companies?  Make your preference choice here between working in a large or small company.

Get your skill certified:

If you need to get a job without experience you need to present a certified skill certificate.  As pointed above and in other pages, you need to earn a skill and get it certified.

As a matter of fact,  a proper certification could be the key to landing you a good employment abroad with experience.

For example, an English Language TEFL Certification is internationally recognized. Such certificates could make your finding teaching jobs easier.

How to get visa and a job abroad before moving and without experience.

Promote  yourself

In this regard, you have to  sell yourself broadly.  In this regard too, you have to highlight properly  your academic qualifications and awards. Showcase your side hustle.  So, ask yourself, how do I sell or promote myself? Now, do some of the following.

  • Demonstrate self soft skills.
  • Gain some management/ skill experience.
  • Make your presence felt on the social media.
  • Get active in a professional association.
  • Acquire new skills.
  • Promote your resume with numbers

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