List of Current Top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their Profiles

List of Current Top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their Profiles – These are the current top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria. These are also the current Petroleum & Exploration Companies in Nigeria. With many of them as Multinationals. In short, these are the petroleum development companies in Nigeria. So, this post gives details of multinational and indigenous oil and gas companies in Nigeria. We will also consider those for onshore and offshore activities. Then are those for Upstream, downstream and middle-stream oil and gas activities in Nigeria. Some of those included are the following;

  • ExxonMobil
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Nigerian National Petroleum…
  • Petrobras
  • Schaumberg

The post focus: has a tradition of revealing the need and application of web page topics. So, in this web page, our focus is to highlight the profiles of the current 10 top most oil and gas companies in Nigeria with their recruitment gap potentials.

Furthermore, we present career and professional opportunities. This post promotes industrial, economic, academic and international relations. It promotes travels and tours, scholarships and international students visa status.  Just read on for these benefits here. You will certainly get so much benefits by clicking and reading along with the highlighted topics. So, please, read along.

Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry:

Oil and gas industry or the petroleum industry or also called extractive industry ( to include agriculture and mining activities)  has for long been a major source of income for Nigeria. Statistics proof that, currently, it’s the source of 95% of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings.

Therefore, it becomes obvious that oil and gas companies play a significant role in the Nigerian economy. As stated above, it’s a big employer of labour. It provides various raw materials and other inputs for other sectors of the economy along is supply and damand value chains. sees these various gaps in the labour market. It also sees great gap or opportunities in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, its professional offerings are so enormous. This is why wants you to read through this post. This post will certainly open your eyes into what recruitment opportunities you can harness here-from. These; List of Current Top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their Profiles will help you understand such gaps and how to harness them for your career and entrepreneurship purposes

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Future Prospects:

Oil and gas activities are here with us and for us for a long time to come, notwithstanding modern energy alternative sources. As a matter of fact, currently, Oil and gas companies in Nigeria contribute greatly to federal government revenues. On the other hand, it provides more than 65% of budget funds for Nigeria.

Do you know that Nigeria is the biggest exporter of oil and gas in Africa? Do you also know that the USA Energy Information Administration states that the oil reserves of Nigeria is somewhere between 17 and 22 billion barrels? That is great. Isn’t it? That’s a great future prospect for us. In fact, some other sources claim this figure could actually be up to 35 billion barrels.

Do you now understand why this segment is talking about future prospect? That means, your investment in the relevant academics, skills and entrepreneurship in relation to oil and gas industry, will certainly be favourable.

Oil and Gas Investment focus:

Are you interested in investing in the oil and gas supply or demand value chain? Investments that provide oil and gas resources are in the supply value chain, while those that demand these resources for use are in the demand value chain.

If that is your interest, recruitmentgap makes bolt to inform you that almost all of the country’s reserves are located in the delta of the Niger River.

It’s important to note that Nigeria currently has over 150 oil fields with over 1400 active wells. On natural gas reserves, which are jointly located with the petroleum crudes, Nigeria can provide 5,300 square kilograms to the world. This is the biggest natural gas initiative in the country being provided by the Nigerian Liquefied Gas Company.

List of Current Top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their Profiles

Nigeria being the biggest producer of oil and gas in Africa is therefore home for a lot of multinational oil companies. This is in addition to a lot of indigenous oil and gas companies. Looking at it therefore, which players in this industry and in this settings are worthy of making the top list of Petroleum companies in Nigeria? Check them out below:

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10. Addax Petroleum Addax Petroleum:

This has a long history with the Federal Government of Nigeria, dating back to 1998 working for NNPC. In fact, it’s  a part of the Chinese Sinopec Group. It has is major production focus in the Middle East and Africa. In fact, the company works with over 100 wells in Nigeria. Its net worth is estimated to cover over 17 million pounds.

If you wish to contact them, visit

 9. Nexen Inc Nexen Inc:

Furthermore, this is one of the most prominent companies in this list. Again, it’s also one of the Chinese companies of today which are under CNOOC Limited. Their main operations are in the offshore and deep water exploration projects in Nigeria. These are estimated at a net value of more than $333 million. This firm started operations in Nigeria in 2012.

If you wish to contact them, please, visit

List of Current Top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their Profiles

8. Hardy Oil and Gas Plc:

 This is one of the oil and gas companies that has great interest in working with Nigeria and Nigerians. Their major financial interest is located in onshore assets in Atala and Oza.

In fact, it currently explores these oil fields in partnership with the Bayelsa Oil Company Limited and Millenium Oil and Gas Company. As a matter of fact, it holds 20% of interest in Oza and Atala. In total, It’s net worth is estimated at more than 67 million pounds. You can visit it on

 7. Total

Total is a multinational oil and gas company in Nigeria.  It has a good working relation with Nigeria for over fifty years. In the mean time, it has a wide distribution network of over 500 oil stations.

Furthermore, it’s also involved in power generation and chemical production in Nigeria. Total’s net worth is estimated at more than 120 billion dollars. Visit her at

6. Petrobras:

Furthermore, Petrobras is one of the best oil and gas companies in Brazil. Petrobras is in Nigeria and a lot of Nigerians dream of joining its international team.

Its main focus extends from oil, gas to alternative energy sources. In fact, its net worth altogether is estimated at more than $73 billion. Visit to contact them.

 5. Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited:

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 Agip is one of the largest oil and gas companies with us with long standing relationship. In fact, it’s a partner in several joint venture of several major players in the oil and gas industry.

For instance – NNPC (60% ownership), Agip (20% ownership) and ConocoPhillips (20% ownership). Visit at

List of Current Top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their Profiles

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4. Shell:

In addition is Shell. In fact, Shell is a multinational company. And, in fact, it’s  a top player in the oil industry in Nigeria. Its business relationship with Nigeria is dated back to over 60 years. In fact, it has continued to develop new ways of cooperation with the NNPC.

As a matter of fact, a lot of Nigerians also dream of working with it.  Shell has an estimated net worth of more than 213 billion dollars. It’s website is

List of Current Top 10 oil and gas companies in Nigeria and their Profiles

3. Statoil:

Do you know that this is the biggest Norwegian oil company in the world? This firm which has been working with Nigeria since the early 1990s  is responsible for the Agbani exploration project in Nigeria.

It’s estimated to work more than $155 billion. For contact, visit

2. Chevron:

This is another multinational company based in USA. Its investment interest is in oil, gas and alternative energy sources. It is also estimated to worth more than $253 billion. Its website is

  1. Exxon Mobil:

 Exxon Mobil is the first on the list of top oil company in the world.  And, its operations are related to various sources of oil, gas and alternative energy. It is estimated to worth more than $400 billion. Please, visit for more information.

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The full company profiles are on the websites provided on this web page.  Most of these oil and gas companies have recruitment gap programs and professional career opportunities.  

In fact, they also run regular scholarship programs and indigenous communities’ economic empowerment programs. For more update, you have to bookmark this page for updates.

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