Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist – These are Netherlands Travel Advice & Safety, Netherlands International Travel Information and Checklist for travelling to the Netherlands

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Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

Documents – Valid travel document:

You need to have a valid travel document. This will enable you to enter the Netherlands. So, you have to get an identity card (for travel within Europe) or a passport. You may also need a visa depending on your nationality, Now, what is your nationality? From a country outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland? Then, get a passport or travel document issued within the last 10 years. Remember too that your trip document must also be valid for at least 3 months after you leave the Schengen area. Get also essential travel documents for any children traveling with you.

Check whether you need a visa:

Check out the Schengen Visa Advisor. That is to see whether you need a visa to come to the Netherlands or not. Then you have to check out too how to apply for a visa on the short-stay Schengen visa page.

Permission if you are travelling with a minor

Are you traveling with a child under 18? Then confirm that the child’s parent(s) has/have given you permission for that. You have also to check out with the local authorities of your country of departure and confirm the rules for leaving the country with a minor. This is to make you avoid delays and the risk of missing your flight.

Valid driving licence

Do you have a driver’s license? Then bring it along if you plan to drive a (rental) car or motorcycle in the Netherlands. In addition, you have to find out if your country’s driving license is valid in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

What you can and cannot bring with you

Personal belongings
Do you know that there are restrictions on what items you can come along as luggage? Note also that there are rules for certain goods like paintings, furniture, and products of animal origin. So, check out on the Customs website to confirm products for which additional rules apply.

And if you are on the drug, ensure bring enough to last your trip. Include some extra if you need or want to stay a little longer.

You are only allowed to bring most drugs with you as long as you can show that they are for your use. So, ensure you read the rules and restrictions on bringing medicines with you. Remember that Strong painkillers and sedatives fall under the Opium Act. So, you may only bring them with you to the Netherlands if you have an official medication certificate. This certificate must also be authenticated. Check out the rules for taking medicines with the relevant authorities in all cases.

Illegal drugs
Please, ensure you do not bring illegal drugs with you to the Netherlands. And again, do not take them along when you leave. It’s criminal to do so.

These are not allowed. But if you must bring them in then you need a license or an exemption certificate to do so – including replicas. So. research more about traveling with weapons, ammunition, and explosives on the Customs website.

Furthermore, you have to research the rules for bringing pets to the Netherlands.

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist


Emergency services
For emergency services while in the Netherlands, dial 112. Now, you can save this number in your phone before your trip.

There are no compulsory vaccinations before coming to the Netherlands.

Health insurance
To access medical care while you in the Netherlands, go to a doctor or a hospital. But then, confirm that your health or travel insurance covers these medical expenses.

Again, ensure you have enough of any medicines you use to last your whole trip, including some extra if you desire to stay a little longer.

Insurance & money

Taking out insurance
Take out good travel insurance. Such that covers unforeseen expenses is what you need. This is necessary if you have to go home early due to an accident, illness, or death of a close relative or family member.

Phone number
Now, have you saved your insurer’s emergency assistance number in your phone?

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

Paying in the Netherlands

Sufficient funds
Furthermore, do you have sufficient funds with you? That is to say, you have enough money to deal with unforeseen situations, like a delayed flight. This is why for you to be allowed to enter the Netherlands, you must show you have at least €55 per person per day for the duration of your stay. Citizens of Schengen or EU countries do not have to prove this.

Paying in the Netherlands
The Netherlands currency is the euro (€). However, you can exchange money in the Netherlands. So, you can also bring different payment methods with you other than cash.

Again, let the customs know If you are bringing more than €10,000 in cash with you to the Netherlands.

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

Banking matters

Debit card
Check out if you can use your debit card in the Netherlands. This is because certain banks only enable international payments at the customer’s request.

Phone number
Save your bank’s phone number now. you will need it to block your bank card if it is lost or stolen.

Mobile phone and roaming
Minimize phone bills. You can do this by finding out how much it costs to make phone calls and using data in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands

Public holidays
Do you know that in Netherlands during public holidays, shops and museums have different hours to operate or are closed. Now, find out the public holidays in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, while walking about you must carry a valid identity document with you. The police etc. can ask for your identity document under the Compulsory Identification Act anytime. So always have your passport or national ID card with you.

The home front
Furthermore, educate family and friends at home on your travel plans. And, then make arrangements on how you will stay in touch or be contacted.

Copies of important documents
Now, it’s time to make photocopies of your travel documents. Do same for your credit card and insurance papers. Then save them in a secure place (online or offline).

Have you given family and friends at home your mobile phone’s IMEI number? Do that now. This is because in emergencies your provider will be able to trace or block your phone.

If you have any questions about the traveler’s checklist, contact +234 8063286010

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

Netherlands Entry Requirements: This is the Checklist

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