Oil & GaS Training and Job Potentials

Oil & Gas Training and Job Potentials – The Oil and Gas Technologist can act in the entire chain of production, distribution and sale of oil, gas and oil products. In fact, this is a profession that offers high potential for any career. In fact,  if you are planning to embark on a career in the oil and gas industry, or the wider energy sector, this industry offers a number of enticing benefits. As a matter of facts, Salaries for this sector are typically higher than average.  And this is due to several factors, such as the educational background required.

Curriculum Grid: Oil & Gas Training and Job Potentials

Furthermore, the curriculum for oil and gas technology varies according to the institution offering the course. And the emphasis it places on training. Among the disciplines you can find are:

  • Supply Chain in the Oil, Gas and Derivatives Industry
  • Oil and Gas Production Chain
  • Calculation
  • Oil, Gas and Derivatives Trade
  • Energy conservation
  • Accounting
  • Quality control
  • Control and Industrial Processes
  • Sustainable development
  • Oil Law

Furthermore, are:

  • Economy and Market
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy
  • Renewable and non-renewable energies
  • Equipment and Pipes
  • Applied statistics
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Computational Tools
  • General Physics

Oil & Gas Training and Job Potentials

Furthermore, the list continues.

  • Management Basics
  • Fundamentals of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Geology and Prospecting
  • Environmental Management in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Asset and Logistics Resources Management
  • Oil Industrialization
  • Instrumentation and Automation
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Machines and Equipment Used on Platforms
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In addition, are;

  • International Market in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Natural Gas Processing and Distribution
  • General chemistry
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Oil and Gas Refining Techniques
  • Wastewater treatment

Professional Profile:

Furthermore, the Oil and Gas Technologist can act in the entire chain of production, distribution and sale of oil, gas and oil products. So, applying the sector’s legislation, this professional can perform a series of activities, such as:

  • Check the quality of the products.
  • Manage emergency situations.
  • Control work and environmental accidents.
  • Prospect deposits.
  • Manage distribution logistics.
  • Supervise, coordinate or manage industrial processes.
  • Supervise extraction works.
  • Furthermore, is supervising production
  • Manage marketing.
  • Coordinate activities in the areas of prospecting, reservoir evaluation, drilling and production.

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Summing up – Oil & Gas Training and Job Potentials

Summing up, knowing the national and international legislation that regulates activity, being able to take courses in Exact Sciences, an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills are some of the characteristics of the Oil and Gas professional. For many positions, especially in multinational companies, knowing a foreign language (usually English) is essential.

As it is an industry that employs increasingly advanced technologies, these professionals must always be up to date.

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Job market for oil and gas graduates:

As a matter of fact, whoever is trained as a technologist in Oil and Gas can work in the entire chain of suppliers. And other companies linked to the seed, such as:

  • Deposits
  • Platforms
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries
  • Concessionaires
  • Distributors
  • Suppliers of inputs and equipment
  • Promotion agencies
  • Insurers
  • Government agencies

In conclusion, in order to achieve and maintain a good job in the Oil and Gas area, in addition to higher education, it is important to be always up to date, speak at least one foreign language (mainly for those who work in multinationals or have project teams from other countries)  and invest in constant qualification.

Oil & Gas Training and Job Potentials-


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