Private Sector initiative: how does it operate? In fact, what is the private sector initiative? This is one of the focuses of  It’s true that the private sector or the industry plays a strategic role in stimulating the entire global productive sector. By this it’s productive strategies it creates jobs and generate income. This website brings to you information on private sector productive strategies, job creation and income generation.

As a matter of fact, the private initiative represents a significant part of both the economy and the financial market of countries that follow the capitalist model. Thus, it is clear that the private sector is a major player in a county’s economic dynamics, due to factors such as its contribution to national production, the labor market and the generation of wealth.

What is private initiative?

This is the aggregation of all businesses that’ve activities that re not maintained by public bodies. That is, all companies and organizations that re not controlled by the State.

A characteristic generally present in the undertakings of this group is to have the fundamental objective of generating profit. This difference occurs in relation to the public sector, whose institutions have other main motivations for its existence.

As a matter of fact, the term private initiative refers to all existing private companies. It ranges from single-person business to large corporations. In Nigeria, there are several ways to divide private sector companies. Each of them has different specifics in relation to operation and legal requirements. A possible classification for these companies is in relation to the legal entity. Among which, we can highlight:

  • Sole proprietorships.
  • Partnerships.
  • Small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Large corporations and multinationals.
  • Professional and trade associations.
  • Trade unions and other NGOs

The Private Sector Initiative focus:

From the afore paragraphs, you can see that there’s a strong financing gap for development. This can only be solved with investments from the private-sector. This is because the public finances of the States are even more weakened with the need to mobilize enough resources to run the economy. 

Private Sector Resources:

This covers a lot of human endeavors. In fact, not only in the health area, but also in the education and industrial area. For instance, companies like Amazon make    e-books available for free download. In addition, many institutions offer free courses. And offers free career information too.  Even in the scope of entertainment, we see several cable televisions networks, satellite and streaming channels freeing access during certain periods.


Another fact that must be considered is that in the private environment is the great-source of income for a population. For the most part, it’s through the jobs generated in this sector that individuals re able to get the resources to support themselves. With great difficulty, we see thousands of companies in the country making a giant effort to insure the need for layoffs as much as possible.

Industrial Equipment:

The private sector is also largely responsible for producing what we need most at all moments. The production of medical equipment and supplies. Such as medicine, as well as food for the entire population, has not been interrupted or diminished even at difficulty times.  It is always important to remember that it is this medium that is primarily responsible for supplying the entire gigantic network of states and cities that Nigeria has.  Making sure of what? That what is necessary always arrives within the time allotted. Thus, avoiding that the losses are always greater.

In extremely difficult times like, it is very important to remember and reflect that we do have alternative sources of help. This assistance from the private sector is very important. This’s because the sooner the economic crisis is tackled, we can have Nigerian and the world again on the way to a recovery in the economy as well.


Importance of private initiative

In summary, private initiative is essential for the global economy, given the significant size of its participation in the world’s wealth production.  In every cline survey reveals the huge number of formalized companies. And, regarding employment; many million people re employed in the private sector.

In capitalist countries, such as Nigeria, entrepreneurship by the private sector is of great importance in the dynamics of the economy. This kind of protagonist does not happen, for example, in nations that follow the socialist model. In it, public initiative is predominant, with the State occupying the position of main actor in a planned economy.

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