This is how to make a career in oil and gas industry

This is how to make a career in oil and gas industry – Are you looking for a long-term career in a global booming industry? If your answer is YES, then, the oil and gas industry is the ideal place for you. In fact, currently it’s booming and the future prospect is still high. So, whether you are an engineer, welder, field or admin professional this is an ideal industry for you. In fact, this energy industry offers incredible opportunities across the entire spectrum of job professionals.

In our recent recruitment outreaches, the quest for recruitment in oil and gas industry has been on the increase. Many applicants dream of getting recruited in an oi and gas business. This is the reason behind writing this article. We bring to you how and procedures you may follow to gain employment and enjoy your career in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. By this post we hope to have solved certain challenges facing man of our readers intending to make a career in the oil and gas industry.

Oil & Gas Industry Segments:

To start with, you should know the segments in the oil and gas industry. Generally, the industry is divided into three segments. These are the upstream which are the exploration and production segment. The other segment is the midstream which includes refining and marketing. And the next segment is the transportation and storage segment.
Wisdom demands that you should determine which segment you would want to work. In doing this you should consider your driving factors which may include the qualifications and skills which you prosses or intend to possess. This post also deals with the type of job and requisite qualifications you must possess.

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The New Trend, but this is how to make a career in oil and gas industry

Report shows that this is an exciting time to join the oil and gas industry. This is because the industry seems to be at the crossroads right now. Again, this is because as seasoned workers are preparing to retire, challenging exploration projects are coming on stream to meet growing global energy demand. This is expected to increase by 43% by 2035, according to the International Energy Agency. Accordingly, these two opposing forces are creating unprecedented gaps in talent and experience. In fact, causing the industry to enjoy a recruiting boom.

As a matter of fact, the oil and gas industries are diverse in the way they operate. By these they offer numerous opportunities and advantages for those with specific educational standards and required professional skills.

Therefore, despite rumors of crude oil shortages and concerns raised about environmental issues, this industry is still going stronger. In fact, recently with greater consideration being given to carbon management and better health on the planet.

As a matter of fact, many of us prioritize aspects of a job differently. In this regard, may of us value satisfaction over money, while others put other things like location or travel possibilities first. In fact, there re many reasons why employment opportunities in this sector of our economy are preferred.

Why Should I choose to make a career in the oil and gas industry?

You would like to be involved in such a global sector that contributes so much to national and global GDP. In fact, International Energy Agency reported that the energy sector accounted for 2.2% of the total global GDP in 2016.

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What is the Oil & Gas academic career options?

There’s a Master of Business Administration programs specially designed to strengthen mid to senior level managerial skills. Therefor some career options for which an MBA focused on oil and gas include;

Engineering geologists – these ones carry out technical and scientific analyzes of rock, groundwater, soil and other factors. That is to help to decide what impacts construction developments may have on sites.

Mining engineers – These ensure that the methods used to develop mines and other operations above and below ground are safe and efficient. So, the position requires technical aptitude to understand the impact of mining on the environment.

Hydrographic Surveyors: These ones collect scientific data and map the underwater topography of oceans and inland water bodies. Along these services is carrying out studies that facilitate marine research on ocean currents. So also, on the impact of climate change and industrialization on the marine environment.

Petroleum engineer: This revolves around the production of the resources. So, the position is responsible for analyzing the reservoirs to determine if they can be profitably exploited. Furthermore, the position is responsibilities for drawing up a low-cost extraction and drilling plan to pump the relevant resource.
The above a relevant technical professionals required in oil and gas companies. There are also administrative professionals to handle all financial and logistics processes.

And now, what are the Benefits and Rewards for making a career in Oil and Gas industry:

Having gone through the current trends in the sector, and requirements for joining this sector, here also so many benefits awaiting you as you join.

Salaries: The salaries for this sector are normally above average. This is however, due to several factors. These include the required educational background. Furthermore, other incentives, such as lucrative financial bonuses, are always there. This, in most cases are to make potentially remote workplaces more attractive to workers. At any rate, individual salaries vary widely depending on job-specific skill levels and experience.

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Technology: This is an integral part of this industry. So, no matter your position you’ll have the opportunity to be regularly trained with state-of-the-art equipment. This is to ensure your skills re kept up to date.

Travel: This is also a common phenomenon due to the global nature of the industry. This is especially due to the growing need for qualified professionals across diversified geographic locations.

Continuous Learning: As indicated above, this is a continuous process in the oil and gas careers. In fact, this sector is constantly evolving and so advances in technology. Therefore, you re expected to grow professionally alongside the job.

Acquiring Skills: Skills as career options are so many in this sector. You can become a specialized oil economics, oil and gas exploration management, refinery management and operations material management. Notwithstanding, you must also grow your analytical, communication and management skills.

This is how to make a career in oil and gas industry


Summing Up:

Wondering how to make a career in the oil and gas sector of the economy? This is how to make a career in oil and gas industry. Here has been the solutions on how to make it. Therefore, discussed and explained are issues relating to oil and gas segments and the new trend to enable you make decisions on which segment to apply for. Above also re detailed information on the various disciplines/careers that foster career building in the oil and gas industry. Then, re the benefits enlisted.

If you still have more questions or comments, please send through our comment box bellow. However, you can now copy and bookmark this page for further references. An if you enjoyed the post please share to reach your contacts. Then, follow us on our social media platforms. Like us on our Facebook to keep in touch.

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