Tips to start your oil and gas career Now

Tips to start your oil and gas career now – You must not see the challenge of making a career in the oil and gas industry. Rather, see the possibility of making a career in the oil and gas industry. As a matter of fact, the oil and gas industry incorporate millions of workers globally at every level of cadre seniority. But be assured that a career in this industry means that you are into a competitive industry. However, with a financially and emotionally rewarding experience you don’t have to despair.

The Challenges – The Worry:

It’s actually a challenge that many unemployed youths are worried about how to get work in an oil and gas company. In fact, the employed but willing to make a change is also worried as to how to make the change. At various fora this is being discussed. As a matter of fact, this is why we have taken it up on ourselves as professional consultants, owners of to address this challenge. Therefore, in this post are practical tips on how you can start and make a career in the oil and gas industry.

Tips for Oil & Gas Industry Recruitment:

These tips stand as the solutions to these challenges and worries.

Don’t fear the petroleum industry:

Why are you afraid to apply for this job? Is your current job, education, and work history going to stop you? As a matter of fact, there are many types of oil and gas jobs available for all levels of engineers. There are a lot of pipeline jobs that need welding engineers. There are also oil refinery returns looking for talent acquisition managers, administrators, accountants and more.
Therefore, there is no need of thinking of challenges here. This is because in this industry there are a lot of transferable skills. As a matter of fact, as talent hunters, they welcome people with the necessary skills and a willingness to learn.

Determine Your Interest – Upstream, midstream or downstream.

There are a lot of segments in the oil and gas industry. You therefore, need to discover where your interest is. Among the three major sectors of this industry, you can determine where to work. In fact, as the lifecycle of an oil and gas project moves from the conceptual design stage to decommissioning and eventually refinement, many different skills are needed. Currently, many oil and gas companies are competing for the best people to excel on their projects. Just think about how you can be the perfect candidate to fill their skills gaps.

Get an engineering experience:

This may be paramount. This is because over 60% of the activities are engineer related jobs. But many major oil and gas operators run an apprenticeship scheme. Such companies include Shell, Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil and Total. This scheme is designed to give you a taste of what it’s like to work in the industry. However, you must have been relevant in a particular field before being considered.

Can you ponder over these already discussed facts before we launch into the pros and cones of gaining this recruitment and the final parts of this article?

What are the pros and cons of having an oil-related job?

As a matter of fact, this is an industry where technology changes often. In fact, the oil fields techniques always change and engineering needs adapt as projects progress. Again, the entire energy sector offers many opportunities for global travel. In addition, are never-ending complex technical challenges to be solved. In such an environment you have the chance to see the world and stimulate your mind.

Furthermore, is the variety of discipline to choose from. In fact, you will have the flexibility to work on temporary (contract) or permanent jobs. In whichever case, the earning potential and benefits associated with employment can also be substantial.

Notwithstanding, you have also to consider challenges associated with international engineering work which can keep you away from friends and family. There is also the hazard of working long hours, meeting tight schedules, and the need to work flexibly to accommodate project demands.
As a matter of fact, you have to note that to get your foot in the door and gain the experience you need to advance your career, you must be willing to climb the ladder. However, your hard work will achieve an exciting long-term career and financial rewards.

Your curriculum Vitae for Oil and gas job:

Finally, you have to get this ready. Note that for maximum impact, your CV should be tailored for each job specifications. You are advised to keep:

  • It concise and focused on key points.
  • And to Include your contact details,
  • And ensure you include all relevant skills and experience,
  • Include also your employment and education history in reverse chronological order.
  • Furthermore, as your resume ends, start networking with professionals in the oil and gas industry – these could be current oil and gas / energy engineers, recruiters and talent acquisition managers.
  • Also, make sure you’re on popular professional networks. So, pay attention to your profile, make connections, and follow relevant industry news as well.
  • Try to always participate in industry events to increase your circle of contacts.
Tips to start your oil and gas career now

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Summing Up on Tips to start your oil and gas career now

The Tips to start your oil and gas career now have been dealt with in this article. These are those that take care of your challenges and worries over getting started in making a career in the oil and gas industry, especially in Nigeria. Oil and gas industry being a global things entails that you must work hard to earn it’s employment. And, there are a lot of benefits attached to it.

You may still have some things to clarify in this Tips to start your oil and gas career now , then send in your questions and comments through the comment box bellow. The best thing however, is to bookmark this page and this website for future references. You can also copy or share this article to reach your friends. Follow us on our Facebook and other social media platforms.

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