What is the F-1 Visas for International Students?

What is the F-1 Visas for International Students? Studying in the United States needs good knowledge about the F-1 Visa and the student visa application process.

Are there new f1 visa rules 2023? Here are f1 visa application requirements, processing time, interview questions and f1 visa travel restrictions tips. At any time there are millions of intending international students wishing to travel to US for studies. This article presents some tips on the preparation and guidance for you to earn your F-i Visa status. We have started by letting you understand what F-1 visa is, the rules and requirements. Just read on.

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What Is a F-1 Visa?

Do you really know what F-1 Visa is. I tell you! The F-1 student visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows international students to enter US to study. Such study institutions must however be the certified ones by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). As a matter of fact, this is the most popular type of student visa for students seeking to study at a US university or college. However, you can only apply for your F-1 visa after an accredited US institution accepts your application.

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The F-1 student:

F-1 studentship duration varies based on the program enrolled. As a matter of fact, the I-20 form provided by the university of your choice will list the expiration date of your program. So, you have to endeavor to earn your degree before the listed expiration date. The 1-20 form gives you an outline of how long you will be able to remain in the US. Now, get to know more about What is the F-1 Visas for International Students?

Furthermore, at your graduation, you may be eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). This particular option will allow you work for up to 12 months in the US in a field related to your study. As a matter of fact, STEM graduates, can request for two additional years of work in a related field. However, where you do not have any extensions or additional training, you will have to return to your home country within 2-months after your graduation. If you want to know more, our travel agent partners can help you explore what you can do with your F-1 visa after graduation.

What is the F-1 Visas for International Students?

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F-1 Visa Requirements

Going forward, on What is the F-1 Visas for International Students? there are several F-1 visa rules to remember while applying for a F-1 student visa. Therefore, these requirements must be met for your application to be accepted:

  • Institution certification — Your chosen college or university must be an approved SEVP Immigration & Customs Enforcement institute.
  • Full-time enrollment— F-1 students must enrolled as full-time students at the institution while the academic term is in session.
  • English language proficiency—There is a required English language proficiency score of the institution you are attending. This you must meet or you enroll in courses that will help you improve your English proficiency.
  • Sufficient funding— There must be a prove to show that you have sufficient funds available to finance your studies and living expenses while in US.
  • Valid passport— Every F-1 student must posses a valid passport for US travel for at least six months after program completion date.
  • Home country residency— Every F-1 student is expected to have a residence in home country to return to following the completion of academic exercise.
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What is the F-1 Visas for International Students?

How to Apply for a F-1 Visa

It’s necessary you understand how to apply for F-1 visa. Therefore, at starting to apply for the F-1 visa, you must take the following steps:

  • Get accepted by a SEVP-certified institution
  • Pay your SEVIS fee.
  • Complete your DS-160 visa application.
  • Schedule your visa interview.
  • Attend your visa interview.

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The following information is provided in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) when your I-20 is issued:

  • Your SEVIS ID number
  • Program start and end dates
  • Your intended program of study
  • Your funding sources
  • Cost of attendance at your school of choice
  • Other personal information

Remember that these information are provided by Your university of choice based on what you submitted in your university application form.

What is the F-1 Visas for International Students?

What is the F-1 Visas for International Students?

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